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Temptec is a specialist repairer of Commercial Refrigeration systems

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TempTec specialises in installation, repair and maintenance of heating and cooling systems in domestic, commercial and industrial environs. No job is too big or too small for us!

Air Conditioning

We can get your air conditioning system to work at maximum efficiency through regular inspection and maintenance assistance. We can fix leakage in the coils, top off freon, as well as clean ducts, vents and air filters to ensure fresh, odour-free airflow. We can also handle minor and major repairs, which also include part replacement and re-installation.


Refrigeration is essential to preserve perishable products for a long time. We can service, repair and install systems of any size or type – from mobile refrigeration to warehouse refrigeration and everything in between.

Experienced and qualified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics ready to provide a complete solution to any of your heating and cooling servicing and installation requirements.



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What we do?


We install your air condition and refrigeration with the support of an effective team. Our team works with perfection, accuracy by following safety procedures while handling and installing devices.


We always utilise quality replacement parts and an efficient working team, with years of working experience. Proper installation and servicing of equipment on regular basis.


We provide cost effective services. We solve all big and small problems related to air conditioning and refrigeration with attention to detail.

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