Commercial Air Conditioning Service and Installation Expert in Melbourne

Good quality Actron AC installed for Maroondah heating and cooling. It has a advanced but simple design and easy to repair just the way a fridgy likes it. I would recommend a Actron system to anyone looking for a ducted refrigerated Air Conditioning system in a domestic or commercial site.

Commercial air conditioning installation is important for any commercial property. Whether you’re running a shop, a cafe, or you are an owner of a large office building, you would understand that working air conditioners are very important for healthy and productive working environment for your customer, staff and yourself.

At Temptec, we understand your concerns that is why in the case of any emergency related to your commercial air conditioning unit you can count on us.

Our commercial air conditioning installation Services

We specialise in: Single Split System, Multi-Split System, VRF or VRV System

Temptec is Melbourne’s trusted commercial air conditioning services expert, whose trained professionals have years of experience and expertise in the repairing, installation and maintenance commercial air conditioners. We service all popular brands. Give us a call and get a free Quote.

Why Temptec for Commercial Air Conditioning?
* broad knowledge of complex air conditioning technologies * efficient fixing and identification of issues
* use of fast mechanism
* cost effective solutions
* use of quality equipment
* guaranteed customer satisfaction

Temptec provides repairing and maintenance services for all types of air conditioning system in a domestic or commercial site. Your commercial air conditioners may not be able to do proper cooling because of, leakage problems, or it may be making weird noises, giving poor air flow or having inconsistencies with temperature, Temptec your’s best commercial air conditioning services specialist can help you fix all these issues.

Improper HVAC installation or even inconsistent cooling Temptec knows best what to fix and how to fix even a simple or a complicated issue of your commercial air conditioner.

Whether its an Ac repairing, installation or a routine maintenance Temptec has got the best innovative solutions for all your commercial air conditioning needs. It’s time for you to invest in the regular inspections and maintenance of your commercial air conditioners, trust Temptec and take a step forward towards best servicing of the commercial air conditioning systems.

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